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Lesley Gittings with Mzantsi Wakho poster.
Lesley Gittings with Mzantsi Wakho poster.

EHPSA Satellite: Catherine Sozi, UNAIDS RS, welcomes the audience.
EHPSA Satellite: Lucie Cluver summarises research findings from the Mzantsi Wakho study.
EHPSA Satellite: Nora Rosenberg on the GIRL POWER study.
EHPSA Satellite: Graeme Hoddinott sharing findings from the P-ART-Y study.
EHPSA Satellite: Marelize Gorgens describing the World Bank evaluations of national HIV prevention programmes.
EHPSA Satellite: DFID Chief Scientific Advisor, Charlotte Watts, summing up.
EHPSA’s Josee Koch with poster on how policymakers use evidence.
Abigail Solomons conducts a workshop on research protocols for MSM research.
Lesley Gittings with Mzantsi Wakho poster.
TRANSFORM researchers discuss their findings.
P-ART-Y researcher explaining research results.
Sisa Hatwiinda discussing the study on treatment as prevention in Zambian prisons.
Three EHPSA researchers participate in poster discussion session on \
EiA in action! Malawi policymakers congratulates Nora Rosenberg on the GIRL POWER study and promises that they are already using the research.
Sinead Delany-Moretlwe presents the findings of the EMPOWER study.

MSM Technical Forum, Johannesburg, March 27-29


Youth Voices Panel, Adolescent Technical Forum, September 19-20, 2016


Adolescent Technical Forum 2016


AIDS 2016 21st International Conference


The P-ART-Y, Photographs by Talitha Ullrich


Technical Forum: HIV prevention in prisons. Lusaka, March 14-16, 2016


First EHPSA regional symposium, Durban, June 8-9, 2015

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