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8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science, Paris, July 23-26

The focus of this conference was on biomedical prevention, particularly progress on implementation science for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).


Eastern and southern Africa (ESA) has seen a marked decline in HIV incidence in the past five years, attributed to scaled-up comprehensive national responses, including combination prevention and treatment. Swaziland is the leader here – with a 44% decline in new infections among adults 18-49 years when comparing two population-based studies (2011 and 2016).

Great progress has also been made towards achieving the 90-90-90 treatment targets. However, adolescents are performing poorly in all of the three 90s – lower testing, lower uptake of treatment, lower adherence and lower viral suppression. This was a common feature in all prevention, clinical and implementation science studies across the conference.

EHPSA highlights

The EHPSA P-ART-Y study was presented in a well-attended stand-alone session on the PopART 071 community-based combination prevention trial. Read…

Posters with early findings from EHPSA studies included:

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Conference programme, papers presented. More…


Poster of early findings from the prisons treatment study
Poster of early findings from the prisons treatment study

EHPSA Team Leader Myles Ritchie in front of the P-ART-Y poster
Kwame Shanuabe presenting early findings of the P-ART-Y study
Poster of early findings from the prisons treatment study
Dr Yogan Pillay speaks on the progress of South Africa’s PrEP rollout
Activists protest
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